Making a fabric is an art. A lot of different steps are followed by a fibre to become a fabric. In Textiles Latinos we are aware and control all these processes and helped by the best studios all around, we are able to combine raw materials, colours, manufacturing processes and finishing treatments to develop exclusive fabrics.


A wide assortment of full width fabrics for curtains. Collections that will help you to create an infinity of environments and to generate personal and different atmospheres in each room.

Our skilled, experienced and motivated team surrounded by our contributors lead us to be a successful and reliable company. Latinos’ true passion for curtains has benefited us by being the number one supplier for many customers.

A wide stock of all our articles, the effective applied methodology and the professionalism of Latinos’ family, allow us to give a prompt reply to our customer’s needs, being able to dispatch orders within 24 hours. Promptness and efficiency are really important for us and are our main concerns.